Friday, October 24, 2008

Played Lunch Money tonight. Great game. Very quick but fun, especially if you RP it, right. Should be added to Christmas list.

Speaking of Christmas lists. Here is a wide list of stuff that I would like. Its by no means a complete list, nor must a present be on it to bring me joy.

Carcassone Expansions: Builders and Traders
Carcassone Expansions: Mayors and Abbeys
Lunch Money
Zombies 3: Shop Till you Drop .....Dead
Zombies 4: The End
Munchkin Impossible
Super Munchkin: The Narrow S Cape
Munchkin 5: Deranged
Munchkn Booty
kill Dr. Lucky
Grave Robbers II
Bell Bottomed Badasses
En Garde!

Comics :
Death of Superman TPB
Walking Dead Volume 8

Movies on DVD
Robin Hood (Disney)
Robin Hood Men in Tights
Three Musketeers (Disney)
Oliver and Company

Many movies I probably haven't seen.

Video games on PS2:
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Tony Hawk Project 8
Tony Hawk Proving Ground
Jak and Daxter
That Game with the Mummy and the Cursed Sphinx
Resident Evil Outbreak 1 or 2
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil Code Veronica

You know me pretty well and know what I like. Funny is good.

I'm sure I can add more later. This is a helpful guide for those in need. Most of you know what I want and like and I trust your judgments.


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