Friday, February 20, 2009

Christmas morning

My mom is quite sneaky, but it all works out in the end.

As you may know, the newest game system I have is the PS2. Sure I'd love a newer console, but who has the money? Well, lots of people, but not me.

Christmas morning I woke up and headed out to see a bunch of presents under the tree. I started tearing into the first box and found..... a pair of socks! Ummmm....okay? The second box also had a pair of socks in them. The third and fourth box had the same. At this point, mom admitted that she had bought me a 6 pack of socks, but thought this would be a more fun way to present them, rather than simply giving me a six pack of wooly foot protection. The next box was a pair of socks, but also contained a Wii nunchuk?!?

I looked up at mom with a confused look and she acted shock with a "OH NO! How did that get in there?" She then pointed to a large present behind the tree and goes "Oh look! I wonder what that could be." Excitedly, I scurried over to it and opened it, optimistic but curious. The large box was .....Wii Play?!?!

I looked to mom, very confused now. I look around for something else, a present I might have missed or some explanation. Mom looked really confused too. "Were you expecting something else?" she asked.

"Ummmm....well, you know....with the controller and the game....I was kinda expecting a Wii."

Mom shook her head. "Nope. That's all you get for Christmas."

I just kinda stood there looking stunned. Mom smiled and asked if I wanted my Birthday present early. When I nodded she scurried off and came back with a large wrapped box. Upon unwrapping it, I found a Wii!!!

That was a very strange, but very happy Christmas morning.


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