Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not true, but fun!

Five things that aren't true, but are fun to tell people.

1)Studies have shown that businesses that play Christmas music every Monday have higher office morale. "The week just seems happier," said one office worker. However, playing Christmas music all 5 days of the week just makes people sick of it.

2) The script for the live action Captain Planet movie set for a 2012 release has been leaked. Ma-Ti, the boy with "Heart" powers, will be killed off 1/2 through the movie, and the film will take a darker path. Overcome with rage and without heart to guide him, Captain Planet will become a violent eco-terrorist forcing the remaining Planeteers to stop him from committing acts such as impaling whalers with harpoons and beating to death with a 2x4 someone found clubbing baby seals.

3) Whenever the U.S. government destroys old and tattered bills, if the bill has a stamp on it, the government must register that bill as "retired" with Where's George. This is in thanks for the increased use the dollar saw after the site went live.

4) 17 summer camps with "Crystal Lake" in their name or location went out of business within 2 years after the original Friday the 13th was released.

5) In order to promote a more healthy lifestyle, Super Mario will be given a slimmer more muscular look in future Mario Bros games. Nintendo of America issued the following press release "Mario is constantly running and jumping and playing sports and physically active, but he's still a pudgy plumber. We believe that it is sending the message that proper exercise doesn't affect your weight and Nintendo wants to promote healthy choices and healthy gamers. Mario will be even more Super than before!"


At 12:39 PM, Blogger PenguinSushi said...

You are a strange, strange man.

Also, i think your number in #4 changes every time you repeat it.



At 11:16 AM, Blogger The Llama said...

You only need to be consistant in your lies if you're afraid of being caught.


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