Friday, May 12, 2006

I wonder if anyone else listens to the radio to get in contact with their subconsciousness. I remember that many big decisions in my life have occurred after hearing certain songs on the radio and realizing that they are connecting with me a certain way.
For instance when I was driving to V.I. for an interview and still not sure if I wanted to take the job, I heard Papa Roach's "Last Resort." This struck me deep as if this job may be my last resort to save me from Smokey Bones. It didn't help that a few days before that while on my way to work at S.B. that I heard Korn's (stupid band name) "Falling Away"particulary the line "I can't always say, its going to be better tomorrow, life's falling away from me."
I know that I'm rather happy and content right now. How because the above mentioned songs don't ring the same way in my ears. They are great songs and I enjoy when they come on the radio, but they no longer seem to have that personal feeling. I was even able to shake the nagging this-applies-to-you-feeling from the "How can I love this, a life so dishonest, it made me compromise" line from "Save me" or "blasphemy" or whatever that song was called.
Now the song that appeals to me in a personal way is "Satisied" sung by the Brobginagian Bards. "And it'll be said that I died satisfied." Which is good, I guess. Not that I will have died, but that I will have died satisfied.
Oh and of course.... "LLama Llama Duck" always applies to me!