Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I spent the weekend in Atlanta at the Furry Weekend Atlanta convention. With 3 Dragon-Con's and a Gen Con under my belt, I'm no rookie when it comes to wild weekends of little food and sleep surrounded by strange sights and wild costumes, but FWA was my first "furry" experience.

I really had a blast that weekend. I tried to dabble in lots of things and tried to meet many people in the fandom and overall I think I succeeded. The only real failure, I think, was the panel on zen meditation and that wasn't the panel's fault at all. I was already exhausted because I'd been up since 3 AM to drive down, and well, they told me to be still and try to shut down my mind. I spent 10 minutes trying to stay half-way awake enough not to disturb the others in the panel. I had to leave 1/2 through the event.

Fortunately, I was jolted wide awake soon after. I ended up rooming with some people that I didn't know, but Kaku, my traveling partner did. They are all fursuiters, which for those who don't know, are people who own animal costumes, much like a sports mascot would wear, and they dress up periodically during the conventions. (Someone please correct me if my description is inaccurate.) These suits are really really really cool and I want one, but that's not the point of this paragraph, the point is that well, these suits have impressive masks and they are kinda fragile, so they have to be placed where they won't be damaged. I didn't think about this whenever I went to open the closet door to see if they had extra sheets and saw a HUGE opossum head staring back at me from within the closet!! Fortunately, it was cartoony or I'd have had to run to Wal-Mart to grab extra underroos.

I really cannot stress enough just how friendly everyone was at the convention. It was a wonderful experience and just an all around great 3 days. I've probably rambled enough for one blog entry. Most of what I did doesn't translate well to blog stories. Munchkin and Settlers are very fun to play, but not to read about. The same can be said for Rock Band and Guitar Hero 2. I'll try to get some pictures up soon.

P.S. If you have a chance to watch an anime movie called "One Stormy Night," you should. Its really good.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Self Improvement project take 1

Hiya! I'm Atreyu and I'm the llama seen here.

You may wonder why I'm here and its, well, its kinda creepy really. I'm here because whenever Tony tries to take an analytical look at himself, he likes to sorta have me do it for him. Maybe its because he feels if he's less connencted then he'll be less prejudiced about himself. In any case, I'm gonna take a few minutes to outline the plans that Tony is making to help with his Self-Improvement Project. Less do this by category.

Exercise: Tony is attempting to get back in the habit of regular exercise. He's been semi-successful about hitting the Milligan gym before going home from work, but he still hasn't been able to work himself up to doing push-ups or jumping jacks or anything like that. Maybe in the future we'll work on that, but for now, I'm encouraging the exercise bike. A bonus about the bike is that he's using that time to start reading books again. He's working on Fast Food Nation right now and has plans for Blue Like Jazz after that.

Food: Tony knows that all his exercise will have minimal to zero effect, if he doesn't eat healthier. He's working on a few adjustments to shrink his belly and enlarge his wallet. We'll have to talk about those on a different day, though, because number 4 on the adjustment list is to start getting to bed at a decent hour. We've set a "BED NOW" time of 11:45 for February and its that time.

Thanks for listening and I'll see ya next time,

Atreyu Llama!