Monday, March 10, 2008

Muppet Madness

In order to correct a deficient childhood, (apparently a childhood lacking in Muppets is not a complete childhood) a week ago we held a Muppet Movie marathon. The only Muppet movie I had seen was Muppets in Space and I really didn't care much for that one. Too much Andy Dick, in muppet form.

We started the day off with Kubb, actually, because people were running late. Kubb is a swedish lawn game. Its basicaly "throw the stick at the brick, then throw the brick shortly thereafter." I lost. It was tragic and sad, but lots of fun!!

By the time the game was over, people were arriving and so we started with "Muppet Classic Theatre" a retelling of 6 classic children's tales with Muppets involved. It was much funnier than Space, so I we relieved and excited all aat the same time.

After that, we moved on to Muppet Treasure Island. I love Tim Curry and he plays a great bad guy so well. This movie was pretty funny but a little hard to follow at times, not because of the movie, but because 1 year olds are amusing to watch as well and when the 1 year old starts playing with the (I think she's) 3 year old, its just hilarious. It should be noted that Muppet Treasure Island does differ greatly from the book in many ways. Its a peeve of mine, but it was still a good movie.

After a break for supper, we started the original Muppet Movie. Ic an see why Muppet movies are so popular now. That one was great. It had some laugh out loud moments, amusing plot, funny characters, and awesome cameo appearances. Well, I'm about all typed out for the day, so thus concludes another irrelevant journal entry. Thanks for reading.