Sunday, April 06, 2008

Okay, so its a bit late

(okay, so its two weeks late in being posted over here. I'm hoping to have actual good content up soon.)

Its been an interesting Spring Break up to this point. I went to spend a few days with my best friend growing up,Tim, at his college apt. I got in Sunday evening and Tim and I just hung out playing guitar hero. Monday, St. Patrick's Day, was fun and exciting. Tim went to class and I hung out, playing Resident Evil 4. Great game, by the way, but after he returned, we invited his neighbor and friend, Zack, to go to the local pizza place. We all went out and they both finished off a pitcher of Amberbock, apiece. As we walked back to the apt, we met Tim's other local friend and her boyfriend sitting on a bench drinking Guiness. The party of 5 headed back to their place for more beer and to play Curses.

After a fun game of Curses, someone remembered that they don't tie up the canoes by the campus lake, its a large campus so we all headed out to borrow one. After a 20 minute walk, we reached the canoes. As a (formerly) trained lifeguard, I agreed to hold everyone cell phones and stay on land while they went canoeing, you know, just in case. So the four drunks headed out into the lake (the shallow part, for those concerned with the safety concerns of canoeing at night while intoxicated) armed only with large sticks for paddling, and made it about 2 minutes before tipping over. I counted heads,4 went under, 4 came up, no one was flailing. They were fine. We all walked back to our apts and that was the end of the St. Patrick's Day party. Random note: despite not wearing green, I was not harmed in any way.

Tuesday was another lazy day, but it rained hard ALL day and pretty much flooded me in. Much like the canoeing story, this one is much more interesting in real life, but here it is. As 8 PM rolled around, and still it poured. Curious just how flooded it was, I opened Tim's window and looked outside. This somehow causes the screen to fall out and plummet downward the 10 feet to his downstair neighbor's front door as Tim has a second story apt. Hmmmmmm. This neighbor happens to be the lady and her boyfriend that we went canoeing with yesterday. We walked downstairs to retrieve the screen. In a valiant attempt to escape the heavy cold rain, I lean against the building wall; Tim with his umbrella grabs the screen. As soon as Tim grabs the screen, moves, and says "lets go eat," their window shatters outward less than 2 feet from where I'm standing. I've never swore so loudly in public as I did right then and scampered away from the explosive window.. Her and her boyfriend appear at the window, seem very shocked to see Tim standing there and me behind him. She asked if "we were okay" and we stammered out "we're fine not hurt going to eat now bye." and took off out of there. We're still not entirely sure what happened, but it made for a really really interesting experience.

Well, that's enough rambling for this week,

bye everybody.