Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tired of hearing about your song

Dear people in charge of Hamlet 2,

I realize you wrote a song about Jesus being sexy. Please stop trying to remind me with every webpage I visit and every commercial break. If I didn't find it funny the first time, its not going to grow on me and if I did find it funny, I'm darn sick of hearing about it. I suspect thats really all your movie has since seems to be the selling point of your entire marketing campaign.

If the entire movie is nothing more than a vehicle to push your song, then why not save yourself the money of shooting a movie and simply make a music video. You'll probably make more profits in the long run that way.

Sadly, I've seen the other scenes for the movie and they look funny enough to be part of an entertaining movie. I think I could enjoy a comedy about some crazy drama teacher who tries to put on a wild play to save his program. I like Hamlet, the premise of making a Hamlet 2 sounds silly enough to intrigue me to watch it. I'm concerned with First Amendment rights. It doesn't even bother me all that much that you keep trying to rile up religious folks with your tacky crucifixion jokes. It sounds to me like you took a good premise with great actors and turned it into a weak "shock" comedy who's sole purpose is to promote a song that's featured in it.

Umm...if anyone who reads this knows the marketing manager or producer or director of Hamlet 2 personally, please pass this along.

On the plus side, I prereg'ed for Dragon Con today!!!