Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Sadly, as much as I want to blog about the events of the day, I will not say mean things about co-workers on a space as open as a blog. I do feel that simply saying "I don't feel so bad about myself right now. I'm in many ways too childish, but sometimes I am reminded that I have a maturity that I should be proud of."

I will say this. I really amazed by the irony of our 4th of July decorations having been made in China. I cut the little made in China tag off. It made me sad.

Friday is Towel Day. It is the day we mourn the loss of Douglas Adams, the author of the [u]Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[/u] series of books. Its easy to celebrate. You simply carry a towel with you everywhere you go. Seeing as Mom is coming into town, this should be fun.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Hmmmm: I just wanna start working on this backstory. This seems like a good a place as any to keep it for now.

Jarren was raised in the Temple of Heironous to be a mighty paladin (for now, he may be a cleric later) and smiter of evil. He devoted his life to serving The Invincible and whenever he was first blessed with the ability to detect evil around him (or cast spells and turn undead.) he went out with a party of his fellow worshippers to destroy an evil lich that had been kidnapping and experimenting on the local villagers. The lich was ready with a nasty crew of undead for the group and a brutal battle ensued. Jarren took a few skeleton claws to the back and passed out from the pain.
He woke up alone in a cell. None of his fellow worshippers were around.
He suffered in the prison waiting for a rescue because one of the teachings of the Temple he was raised in was that "No one is left behind." He was mocked regularly by the lich and fed just enough to stay alive. After a month of waiting for the some sign that Heironeous going to rescue him he gradually began to give up hope and grow bitter at his temple and his god for leaving him trapped. All their talk of honor and brotherhood had apparently meant nothing because they had abandoned him.
One night while sitting in his cell, he heard a voice. The voice identified itself as a servant of Hextor. It offered Jarren a chance for freedom if he pledged service to Hextor. Jarren refused because he knew that Hextor was evil, but the servant appealed to Jarren's disgust with Heironeous. Also, the voice pointed out that "your brotherhood exaggerated their honor, don't you think they exaggereated the evilness of Hextor. After all, Hextor has come to save you."
Desperate to escape his prison and also to spite Heironeous, Jarren agreed. A gauntlet appeared on the ground. Gripped in its were siz arrows. Following the instructions of the voice, Jarren slipped he gauntlet on his right hand and cut his left arm with one of the arrows. He placed his bleeding arm on the wall; blood began to pour from the wound and formed into the holy symbol of Heironeous. Jarren punched the lightning bolt on the wall with his gloved hand, crumbling the wall, opening a hole to the outdoors and freeing the poor kid.

Jarren made his way to a Temple of Hextor where he began his training under a new deity. The teachings of his youth haven't died easily, so his mentality is a combination of Hextor's and Heironeous' teachings. His domains are Law and War, because both Hextor and his brother allow them. The time in imprisonment have left his body physically weaker (Con : 8) but he is able to endure injury and pain better than most. (Feats: Endurance and Die Hard.) After a few years in the temple, Jarren was called to go out in the world and represent Hextor. He was instructed to show his supplication to Hextor at all times by the head priest who knew that Jarren was not proud of serving evil, but felt honorbound to keep his word.

Jarren has a small house in this town. It has a small altar in Hextor in it. Any time Jarren goes out in public he has his holy symbol around his neck and the spiked gauntlet on his right hand. In combat, he wears a fearsome spiked full plate armor and swings a heavy flail.

Holy Symbol, silver - 25 GP
Weapon: MW Spiked gauntlet 305 GP
Weapon: MW heavy Flail 315
Armor: MW Spiked Fullplate 1750 GP
Weapon: MW Mighty +2 Composite Longbow 575 GP
Weapon: 20 arrows 1 GP

House: GP 1000
Secret Closet in House 250 GP
Nice Altar to Hextor behind Secret Closet 350 GP
Chests x5 2GP/each totaling 10 GP
2 Average locks 40Gp/each totaling 80 GP
1 Cleric's Vestments 5GP
3 Travelers Clothes 1GP/each totaling 3 GP
BackPack 2Gp
One chest with Average Lock contains the money (hidden in shrine)
One chest w/o lock contains clothes
The other chests sit upstairs unused.
2 Everburning objects: an amulet and a torch. 100 GP spent on the ruby dust to cast the spells.
The torch is kept in the basement and the amulet is kept wherever he leaves it.

gold left after above spending =629 GP
600 GP kept in chest
and 29 kept in coin purse